Monday, August 13, 2012

Popped Balloon and Popcorn!

Can I just tell you how much FUN I had making this latest little character?!?!
I have had the honor of making a few special orders for my friend Angelina from Ruby Jean over the last couple years. I was so excited and delighted when she contacted me for her newest piece. She is so creative and has the best ideas, she knows exactly what she wants right down to the tiniest detail and I love that.
She wanted pink polka dot rain boots…


A popped balloon in one hand…


A vintage popcorn bag in the other…


With a few pieces of dropped popcorn at her feet…


A polka dot dress…


With a big pink bow in the back…


I love all those details!



Thank you Angelina
I hope you enjoy her!
Thank you all for visiting, have a wonderful week:)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pearly Mermaids

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of cute mermaids that I had made. I had a lot of fun and a lot of wonderful feedback, so I decided to make a few more.

The little Pearly Sisters……


This little one may be my favorite. She really is quite cute with her stylish pink hair.


I made her a little clamshell with a pearl inside.



Her sister….


She’s kind of bashful yet……




Then Miss Pearly herself….


It was fun making her a sitting mermaid.


She shines with her glittery scales and pearl necklace.



These girls are listed on Ebay. To check out their listing click on their individual picture.
Thank you so much for visiting and for all the wonderful feedback on my prior mermaids. I love, love, LOVE to hear from you and genuinely appreciate it!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Uncle Sam Collectible

I just finished
this guy recently. He is a special order Uncle Sam.
Uncle Sam 2012 005

Uncle Sam is high up there on the Folk Art collectors list!

Uncle Sam 2012 001

I had fun making him. He is very similar to a piece I did in 2011. Round body, long stick like legs.

Uncle Sam 2012 002

His hat is made from paper. I painted the wide blue stripe and red stripes onto the hat.

Uncle Sam 2012 003

He proudly carries his grand ole flag!

Uncle Sam 2012 006

Just wanted to share him with you. I feel like I’ve been bit by the Creativity Bug and I have LOTS of ideas brewing for new pieces to come.
I am working on some more mermaids, hope to have them finished soon.
I am also working on a special order for my friend Ruby Jean. She’s been a bit MIA lately, but will be posting on Monday to explain where she’s been. Can’t wait for that:)

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!


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