Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

I waited till the last possible moment to decorate for Valentine’s Day.  (I want to fast forward and decorate for Spring and Easter)!
When I found these cute hydrangea puffs at Michaels I became inspired.

I thought they would look adorable hanging from branches.


Our curly willow tree lost some BIG branches due to the weight of the snow that we got last month. So I grabbed a little saw and cut off what I wanted.

I ordered this cute sampler from here.
I saw it in the February issue of Romantic Homes and loved it. I doubt it will ever get stitched but that’s ok:)


The frame that holds the sampler is a thrifting find. So are the sweet little crystal cups.


In my cloche now are two sweet, white, chippy birds.


The tray that they sit on is a thrifting find as well. You may remember I posted about it here. I use it to house my glitter shakers. I decided it needed some color for my craft room and I painted it a pretty pink. I like how it looks under my cloche.

I painted some X’s and O’s in the same pretty pink and glittered them generously with some tinsel glitter.


It came together nicely!



I couldn’t leave the dining room table out.
So take a right and a little more pink awaits.


My mom gave me this sweet cherub pot when I was 16, I think. I remember she had put some lilacs in it and it smelled sooooo good.
It’s kind of perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Some wood candle holders I bought a long time ago, got a dry coat of ASCP in old white, then a little sanding.


Simple yet sweet.


Btw, the curio in the corner of the dining room had a makeover with none other than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I will do a post about that one another day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dancing “Gator” Queen

“Sally”gator that is.


She can dance.


She can jive.


She’s having the time of her life.


See that Salligator? She’s the Dancing Queen……….

Friday, February 3, 2012

What’s under the cloche?

What is that under the cloche behind my new chair?


There’s some little vintage books.


There’s some Dog Hobble?
Is that the name of this flower?



Then there’s this little broken doll.


My mom found her in their fill dirt pile that I wrote about here.

Remember all those fabulous vintage bottles that they found?




Well, she was buried in there with them.


There’s something about the broken doll that I felt deserved to be displayed.


It’s the perfect spot for now.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Little Chair that Could…….

So I attended a huge garage sale last August. The kind where you have to find a parking spot somewhere along the road and then walk from house to house to house looking for forgotten treasures……… I thought this garage sale would be the daddy of all garage sales because it’s located in a huge, great, historic neighborhood.
It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.
I really didn’t find anything worth redoing or saving.
So sad:(
In the car a few hours later on the way out of the neighborhood something PINK caught my eye.
A pink channel back chair in really good condition.
Where’s all the chairs that I hear people snagging for $5 – $10?
Anyway, I wanted the chair and the lady let me have it for $30.
Now, I love pink, and I like velvet, heck, I like pink velvet, but not so much this particular one. And to be completely honest, I don’t love the channels.

I thought this would be the perfect little project for me. My first chair redo. How hard could it be? Everyone’s doing it. Slipcovers out of drop cloth, recovering with burlap, distressing the wood.
Easy peasy.


NOT easy peasy.

This is as far as I got. Totally out of my league. Not the best first chair to try and tackle.
So she sat in the garage for almost 5 months.
My Sweet Savannah did a post on a chair that she had reupholstered by Angie from A & D Upholstery in Everett, WA. Her chair turned out gorgeous.
So, since hub and I thought the chair was worth saving, that is where we took her.
So glad we did.
I love how she turned out.
Not sure what the exact kind of material this is. My husband actually picked it out. Maybe some sort of twill? I really don’t know. We found it at Pacific Fabrics. It’s a light blue.
She added new foam to the seat and redid the webbing in the frame.
I love the double welting and buttons she added.
I painted the frame in ASCP Old White.
I have redone a few pieces in my house with this paint. Will hopefully show you soon.
See the glass cloche behind the chair? Can you guess what the light upright piece is? I know, it’s very hard to see.
I’ll show you in a post tomorrow, stay tuned……..
I’m so glad we stuck it out with this chair. What do you think? Better without the channels?

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